GJHoldings, Inc. strives to perform all activities in a system that promotes personal safety, health and well-being, and its commitment to optimize the use of natural resources and maintain a clean environment.

Our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) policies provide the guiding principles that ensure correct standards are achieved and afford a means of promoting improvement based on careful risk assessment and a comprehensive EHS management system. This is designed to maximize the contribution of each GJHoldings personnel through participation at all levels and unite health, safety and environmental objectives with business goals.

To ensure that these standards are met, the following principles and guidelines have been communicated to all GJHoldings personnel and made available to the community through this website:

  • We will recognize and respond to community concerns about raw materials, products and operations.
  • We will prevent pollution at the source wherever and whenever possible.
  • We will operate and effectively manage our plants and facilities, and handle our raw materials and products in a manner that will protect and minimize the impact in the environment and ensure health and safety of our employees and the public.
  • We will make health, safety and environmental considerations a priority in our planning and our development of new products and processes.
  • We will advise promptly appropriate officials, employees, customers and the public of information on significant industry-related safety, health and environmental hazards, and to recommend protective measures.
  • We will maintain an “open door” policy to address employee safety concerns and suggestions and will encourage communication with management and co-workers about working conditions perceived to be unsafe or hazardous, and will respond appropriately.
  • We will counsel customers, transporters and others in the safe use, transportation and disposal of our raw materials, products and waste materials.
  • We will incorporate safety and health considerations into our daily job duties and business decisions.
  • We will operate and maintain equipment, facilities and processes in a safe manner.
  • We will extend knowledge by conducting or supporting research on the safety, health and environmental effectiveness of our raw materials, products, processes and waste materials.
  • We will commit to reduce overall emission and waste generation.
  • We will work with others to resolve problems created by handling and disposal of hazardous substances from our operations.
  • We will comply with all applicable EHS laws, regulations and directives relating to our businesses.
  • We will participate with government and others in creating responsible laws, regulations and standards to safeguard the community, workplace and environment.
  • We will pursue continual improvement in our EHS performance by designing, implementing and maintaining an EHS management system and programs to achieve the principles specified in this policy.

Personnel and Training

People are the most important asset of GJHoldings. Achieving EHS objectives requires appropriate training and assessment of employees and the implementation of appropriate programs.

  • Initial and periodic refresher training is provided to meet job and legal requirements and to ensure understanding of the proper protective measures to mitigate potential hazards and meet environmental requirements. This includes training documentation.
  • Individual experience and knowledge are carefully considered when personnel changes are made.
  • A process for the management of personnel health and safety is in place. It is expected that employees and contractors recognize and mitigate operational, procedural and physical hazards. Identified unsafe conditions and behaviors that can lead to incidents are addressed.
  • A process for the management of occupational health is in place and is based upon assessed risk to personnel. Exposures are monitored and proper protective and preventive measures implemented. Pertinent health data is recorded and reviewed.
  • A process to promote non-occupational health and injury prevention is in place and is based upon assessed risks to personnel.

Authority and Responsibility

Operations Department shall be responsible for:

  • Notifying the “On-Call” Safety Officer in the event of a hazardous material incident.
  • Initiating an evacuation of an area or building by orders of the On-Scene Incident Commander and securing the area to prevent access to unauthorized personnel.
  • Notifying additional resources to request assistance as determined by the On-Scene Incident Commander.

EHS Manager shall be responsible for:

  • Providing an “On-Call” Safety Officer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Responding with appropriate action to control and remedy the incident.
  • Responding to a reported incident in a timely manner.
  • Maintaining liaison with the local Police and Fire Departments.
  • Notifying administration of an incident and providing periodic status reports.
  • Reviewing and amending the Emergency Response Plan for GJHoldings.

Commitment on Land Rights

The company does not partake on land grabbing belonging to the Government, local authority, religious or Charitable Institution or Endowment including Indigenous People or any other private person, either individually or in groups either by force or deceit or otherwise. Furthermore, the Company has a Land Grabbing Prohibition indicating the conditions and mechanism on Land Grabbing, Land Use Change & Deforestation, Due Diligence on obtaining Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) and Recognition of Women’s Right to own land.

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